Sustainable Motion powered by BSC.

BSC Computer is committed to developing and implementing sustainable, safe and easy-to-use IoT solutions for smart buildings and industrial applications. BSCiDEA enables ultra-low power and maintenance-free motion solutions based on Dielectric Elastomer Actuator (DEA) Stacks. Our solutions save energy, simplify design in addition to increasing the quality of life. The technology brings to the forefront safety and sustainability via innovation in products and systems.

Smart Elastomers simplify mechatronic IoT solutions.

Electrons power sustainable motion. No turning parts, no wear, no gearshift required. Use our BSCiDEA Devkit to set your application and ideas into motion.

We connect Dielectric Elastomers with the Internet of Things.

Our Electronic Controls Solution bridge gaps between data and motion. Whether it be translating digital data to sustainable motion or vice versa of a translation of movement into digital sensor data. Try it out with our BSCiDEA Devkit and connect your DEA application by Wifi, EnOcean IoT or your customized IoT solution.

BSCiDEA Devkit

All encompassing Dielectric Elastomer Actuator solution
  • 2 x DEA stacks 10x10x20mm
  • DEA Evaluation Board
  • Electronic Controls Unit
  • DEA High Voltage Unit
  • Batteryless EnOcean switch for direct controls
  • WIFI interface and App for comfortable controls of dynamic DEA movement

Use cases


Locks and latches

Ultra low power consumption and secure digital IoT connectivity makes Dielectric Elastomer Actuators the optimal choice for your lock and latches application.


Strong power but flexible, in rigorous environments over a wide range of operational temperatures. Control your valve with Dielectric Elastomers in smart buildings, smart cities, automotive, industrial and medical application space.


Bring the functionality of Sensing and Actuation together in a single device. Our controls make Dielectric Elastomers the ultimate choice translating IoT into smart mechatronic applications.




  • Ultra low power consumption
  • Maintenance free
  • IoT connected


  • Flexible
  • Up to 10% Movement
  • Strong action up to 20N
  • Wide operational temperature range

Easy to integrate

  • Direct movement without gearshift
  • Controls module with standard interfaces
  • IoT connected
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